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Secondary Opportunity Funding


The plans set out how each area will spend £6 million of funding, aimed at improving social mobility.


A lot of the plans focus on school improvement, and some famous faces from the schools community have been appointed to chair some of the areas’ partnership boards.


1 - Blackpool


Priorities for schools in Blackpool


Leadership and governance improvement – National Professional Qualifications to be fully-funded for local teachers. Tauheedul Teaching School to lead on strategic school improvement.


Maths teaching – A local maths hub will be built and might extend support to post-16 providers


English outcomes – Ruth Miskin programmes fully-funded in “up to six schools”


Improve STEM teaching – Projects will be run by STEM Learning and the Institute of Phsyics


Improve MFL teaching – The British Council will do this, but it doesn’t say how


Improve teaching overall – A new research school, St Mary’s Catholic Academy, will support others using the “best available evidence and research”


Strength collegial working – Via a new secondary heads group


Improve transition – Awaiting proposals.

2 - Derby


Priorities for schools in Derby


Improve teaching and attainment through research – Wyndham Primary Academy, the local research school, will be funded to give access to research findings


Tailored school improvement support –  The DfE, Derby City Council, teaching schools and school leaders, will create school-specific plans


Maths teaching – Embed maths mastery in primary schools supported by the local maths hub. Support for secondary schools and further education colleges will also be developed


Leadership development – TLIF programmes will run in schools. More than 100 teachers can take new national professional qualifications for free. Numbers of locally-based national leaders of education will be increased.

3 - North Yorkshire Coast


Priorities for schools in North Yorkshire Coast


Maths teaching – A new maths centre, supported by the local maths hub and research school, will be identified. The local maths hub project will be extended. Every school will be encouraged to run two training events. There will be a project to assess the themes emerging from SATs results.


Literacy – A new literacy campaign and hub will “nurture a love of reading”. Work to improve support for teachers will be commissioned.


Phonics – Up to five primary schools will get a “significant training package”


Secondary school improvement – A plan will be drawn up with the help of schools, the local authority and the regional schools commissioner. This will include help for academy trusts to access leadership support, securing “strong” sponsors for two inadequate-rated secondary schools, a “comprehensive CPD offer” and SSIF spending


Academic resilience – Will review whether a successful resilience project in primary schools can be expanded to secondary level


Parental engagement – Secondary schools will be supported to commission evidence-based approaches to parent engagement


SEND – Training will be provided for six SEND reviewers, and a SEND regional leader will be appointed

4 - Norwich


Priorities for schools in Norwich


Language development – New language development training for teachers in five to seven schools

Maths teaching – The local maths hub will develop “a range of training” for teachers in “all Norwich schools”


Literacy teaching – Ruth Miskin Training to provide in-school support


STEM teaching – STEM Learning’s “aspire to STEM” programme delivered in some schools


Professional development – Leaders in primary schools will receive CPD


Physics teaching – Support from the Institute of Physics for specialist and non-specialist teachers


School improvement – SSIF-funded projects to help raise progress in: maths among girls at nine primary schools; attainment at key stages 3 and 4 in four secondary schools; and reading comprehension for disadvantaged pupils at key stage 2 at three primaries.


Research – Notre Dame High School has become a research school and will run events, provide training and CPD. New Norwich evidence-based practice fund to be launched for schools and colleges to implement evidence-based approaches

5 - Oldham


Priorities for schools in Oldham


School readiness – Making it REAL, a National Children’s Bureau programme aimed at increasing early literacy, will be scaled-up and extended to include maths


Leadership – National professional qualifications will be funded for up to 150 people in the first year. Training and support from Teach First for senior leadership teams. Coaching and training for primary school leaders.  Access to programmes and qualifications from the Institute for Teaching


Governance – Support from the “inspiring governance” service, which links volunteers with schools


Phonics – “Whole-school” training from Ruth Miskin, to be delivered over two years


STEM teaching – Support from STEM Learning and the Institute of Physics, targeted at schools rated inadequate or requires improvement


Mental health – Impact and needs assessment, plus baseline data, to be complete by the end of 2018. Schools will be supported to develop mental health plans

6 - West Somerset


Priorities for schools in West Somerset


Maths teaching – Intervention to improve attainment at key stages 1, 2 and 3 — drawing on the local maths hub’s resources. The board will support a SSIF bid to improve maths in at least six schools


Literacy teaching – Specialist phonics expertise, linking to development of practice in the early years. TLIF-funded CPD in phonics. A review of phonics through the Somerset Literacy Network


Improve transition – Somerset County Council to initially lead co-ordination between schools


SEND – Use of local consortium to support schools to review their own practice and learn from others. Training for six SEND reviewers, and appointment of a SEND regional leader


Leadership – Funding for at least eight leaders to take national professional qualifications. Efforts to identify heads, governors and schools with potential to become national leaders of education, national leaders of governance and teaching schools


STEM teaching – TLIF-funded programme to offer CPD in STEM subjects


Research – The Blue School in Wells is to become a research school


Teach First – West Somerset to be prioritised in future rounds of recruitment