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  • Exciting, dynamic, fun and interactive.


  • Hotseat key historical figures of your choice.


  • Lively, interactive debate.


  • Students re-enact certain key points of the specific period of your choice.


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Our in house team of creative writers have developed a full series of history plays based on curriculum and teacher demand.


This series combines historical facts and characters in an original script designed to entertain and educate.


We take historical fact off the page and on to the stage!


This provides the basis for lively debate, discussion and reflection, using primary, secondary and multi-media resources.








The Cold War! Cold War Warriors 1949 - 1991







Foster student’s appreciation and enthusiasm for history


See it! Experience it! Learn about it!


A gripping story,conflict, military flare ups and diplomatic stand downs.


The story and plot covers: The cold war and the well-educated, well born

warriors of the West vs the revolutionary great commanders of the great

armies of the communist countries, with their professed humble origins.

The audience are introduced to the spies and double agents that used to

espionage to acquire knowledge and information. Throughout the era of the

Cold War information covertly acquired in Britain ended up with the KGB.

British agents in the Soviet Union paid a high price for their betrayal. Students will witness a powerful performance, which culminates with the end of the Cold War, the breakup of the Soviet Union and the reduction in espionage.


FREE Power point presentation and hands on interactive educational workshops include:


A Summary of Cold War events 1945-1949


The Korean War, Khrushchev, The space race, Hungary 1956, Berlin Wall 1961, Cuban Missile Crisis 1962, Detente 1970-1979, Afghanistan invasion, Reagan and Gorbachev, The collapse of Communism


NEW! Product


The Great ‘Mother Country’ The British Empire!  









One hour educational fun story – free Power Point and one hour interactive hands-on workshop.


Take your students on a trip back in time. A fascinating journey, the Great British Empire, Monarchs and the ruling Powers, Countries and Colonies.


The story Begins in the 16th century. A discovery of technology, nationalism, commercial and political motives, emigration movements and imperialism




Included in the workshop and presentation:


   17th century - European demand for sugar, tobacco and the plantations of the Caribbean.

   The need for cheap labour

   Overseas Colonies, America and the West Indies

   19th Century the second ‘British Empire’

   The rise of the WW1 and sea power

   Moral superiority, Britain the ‘role model’. WW2



mother country

Elizabethan England:

1568-1603. The later 35 years of Elizabeth 1st.  

Religion & Politics

Social & Cultural standpoints

Contemporary & historical controversies.


Restoration England, 1660-1685

Crown & Parliament Court

The English Civil War

Charles II’s reign

The Plague – Fire of London

Theatre and the influence, Restoration Comedy, playwrights, Land, Trade, War. Key Features.


Health, People & Medicine to the Present Day

The Impact of War, Superstition & Religion

The Environment, Public Health & Government

Science & Chance

The Stagnation of Medicine


Norman England

The Battle of Hastings – The Norman Conquest & Control

Castles & Crowns during this time

Feudalism, The Economy & The Doomsday Book.


Medieval Britain

Edwards 1st Reign 1272-1307

The rights of Kings Life & People

Scotland & Wales Military

Historic environment


Understanding The Modern World.

The inter war years 1918-1939

The League of Nations, International Peace

The 2nd World War – Hitler’s aims-

1945 – 1972 Conflict & Tension

The Cold war – Asia – Korea – Vietnam –Afghanistan

Al-Qaeda – Bin Laden

Western and Muslin Attitudes

The Iraq War